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Jewel Donor Recognition Club

St. Michael's International School appreciates the support offered by current parents and alumni and is very grateful to those who give generously.
The Jewel Donor Recognition Club recognises the outstanding support of it's most generous donors. Members of our Jewel Donor Recognition Club include all donors who contribute ¥100,000 or more in gifts.  

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St. Michael's Association (alumni)

70th Anniversary Gala Ball
Shekhar Shah
Vasant Shah
Anonymous Donor


Smita Jitendra Jhaveri

Pradip L. Jhaveri


Leon & Sean Bibby, in memory of their grandfather Fumio Suzuki

Bhadra Abhay Jhaveri & Family

Maher Zaveri

June Murata

Valentine Dance

Thomas & Mylyn Childers

Winter Festival

Pearl Export Jewels

Eamon Lynch

Avani & Maahi Shah

Sahil Doshi

Yexiang He

Piya Sarkar

Chih-We Mou

Eikichi Noro

Francis Lin

Norimoto & Sumiko Gotoh
Satoru Hamada

Tamanna and Akash Zaveri

Keikou Dai
Katsuyoshi Koide

Keyji Johnsen

Fritz Leonhardt, in memory of his wife Ana-Maria


The wishes of those donors who asked to remain anonymous have been respected.

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