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Financial Aid
In the event of sudden, severe financial hardship due to immediate loss of income/bankruptcy or other unforeseen circumstances, St. Michael’s International School can provide short term financial support. 
Parents may apply for Scholarship if their child has been enrolled at St. Michael’s International School for twelve months or longer.  Scholarships are normally provided up to twelve months and provide between 10% - 50% deduction of tuition fees, depending on the financial difficulties faced by the family. Further details and an application form are available from the school office. 


Medical Policy upon Enrolment

St. Michael’s International School has adopted recommendations from the World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Center for Disease Control, and various other immunisation schedules throughout the world in determining its immunisation requirements.

All new students are required to have the age appropriate requirements completed before being allowed to start school.  All medical documentation must be available for submission and the school reserves the right to request a written letter from a medical practitioner, should circumstances warrant.

Notifications about subsequent age-appropriate vaccine requirements will be sent at the end of the year for those children who still require immunisations.   After enrolment has been confirmed, please fill out your child’s current vaccine status on Side A of the Medical Form.   Side B must be filled out and signed by a physician, preferably in English.  If you are applying from overseas, you may opt to fill the Medical Form (Side A & B) out in your current country. 

Listed below is the required immunization schedule for all children:

Five doses of DTP by the age of 6 years.  Recommended Schedule: DPT at 2, 4 & 6 months; between 15-18months & 4-6 years of age.

2 doses of each vaccine separately or as a combination (MMR), 1st dose at 12-15 months of age & the 2nd dose at 4-6 years of age

4 doses by 6 years of age:  At 2 & 4 months, between 6-18 months, & 4-6 years

Hepatitis B:             
3 doses, can be started at any age.

- Schedule for infants: Between birth & 2 months, 1-4 months, & 6-18 months

- Schedule for adults & older children: 1st dose of vaccine, 2nd dose1month later, 3rd dose 6 months after the 1st Hepatitis B shot

TB skin test:                       
Must be taken before entering the School, but can be waived if your child has taken the test within the past one year.  Your child has to take the test even if he or she has been immunised with BCG.


Extended Absence

Ÿ   In exceptional circumstances, achild may leave the School for up to 3 months and a place will be held open for them, as long as tuition fees are paid for the period of absence.

Ÿ   Parents are requested to inform the School in writing as soon as possible to confirm the return date.

Ÿ   Any period of absence longer than 3 months requirespermission from the Head of School and fees paid for the duration of the absence.  Please speak to the Admissions Officer for further details.


When Leaving School – De-registration Procedure

Ÿ   Parents considering leaving St. Michael’s to another school within Japan or relocation out of Japan must inform the School Office well in advance.  Please ask for the De-registration Process Information Sheet and Deregistration Form at the School Office. 

Ÿ   Please retain all copies of your child’s school report for future reference and school applications in the future.

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