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Parent Survey Summary



In 2018 we asked our parents for three words to describe St. Michael's International School. Here are the results:

Parents Survey 2018

Parent Survey Comments February 2017

The management are friendly and approachable - they greet the children by name every morning.
The school is a second home, the teachers are very friendly. At the same time they learn a variety of things and they have good discipline.
We are extremely pleased with the support our son is getting, especially the close connection with his teachers and also the change in his demeanour. 
Helpful and friendly office staff and school nurse
It’s identity, values (honesty, integrity, compassion etc…)
Warm, friendly atmosphere
Family-like atmosphere
Good teachers
Teachers know their students well
Very good discipline
The curriculum is well designed
Strong and interesting curriculum
Good school, strong curriculum

Teachers are very good and keep in touch with the parents
Communication is clear 
Workshops are great
Everything, love the school!

Parent Survey Comments February 2015

We think the curriculum is very strong, quality of teachers is very high, overall administration and management is very good
The staff are extremely caring and warm and welcoming
School has a lot of good teachers (qualified)
Good reception/ admin staff
A very friendly atmosphere is the strength of the school
Small school so a personal touch
I feel I can approach the teacher regarding issues anytime and I am very appreciative about it
Community feel and teaching style is very good
Communication between the school and parents is very good
My child did not need much time for making a great relationship with his fellow students and teacher - I truly appreciate it 
Teaching is good so my child is progressing well
Tasks depend on each child’s ability and progress
Maintaining high expectations of student achievement which is evident in every aspect of classroom work
The things students learn at school is very interesting, very interesting topics 
Consistent conveying of positive values to the children
Diversity of people from around the world

Parent Survey Comments February 2014

❏ It’s a small friendly community with strong school values and motivated teachers

❏ Very personal attention that each child and parent gets

❏ All teachers and faculty members look after and take good care of each student

❏ Teachers are excellent, friendly staff, caring atmosphere and the list can go on!

❏ I really like that teachers and school administrative staff know children by name

❏ I think administrative staff are always hard working, efficient and helpful

❏ Learning at SMIS is an enjoyable experience for students.

❏ Skills, teaching and values

❏ International curriculum it follows

❏ Maths and Literacy are both strong

❏ I love the practical teaching

❏ Warm, family like atmosphere

❏ Kids feel comfortable in class, no trouble with other kids

❏ School discipline

❏ Communication between school and home is good

❏ Good coordination between staff and communication with parents

❏ Support for special needs

❏ Medical support and communication is good

❏ The school is well led and managed

Parent Survey Comments February 2013

❏ A warm and friendly school, very friendly staff and teachers

❏ Warm, positive and encouraging environment in a cross cultural school

❏ We particularly like the warm and welcoming environment of the school. It’s like a second home for our child

❏ The homely atmosphere and the well qualified teachers

❏ Close knit school that encourages good behaviour as well as education

❏ Very friendly and welcoming for new families having young children

❏ I would say that there is a tradition in St. Michael’s of teachers having a sense of global mindedness that nurtures diversity and respect of various cultural backgrounds

❏ It’s small size allows for contact with teachers and manageable social environment for the children

❏ SMIS has the best teachers and because of that kids and parents can come with their problems without hesitation

❏ The teacher’s seem to know each child and his/her personality very well and they make good efforts to meet each child’s needs

❏ Teachers are working hard to help each child reach their potential

❏ Dedicated teachers and you can see the children are very happy

❏ Providing appropriate and challenging curriculum

❏ The curriculum is well suited to the needs of the present day and the way of teaching is very engaging

❏ Imbibing good values and sense of responsibility

❏ Good ESL support

❏ There is a good range of extra-curricular activities

❏ Good communication among parents

❏ Older student take care of younger students at break-time

❏ Friendly and well mannered students

❏ Well organised in every field

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