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St. Michael’s International School  is conveniently situated on the edge of the popular residential area of Kitano which is considered to be a safe, family-friendly location that many foreigners and Japanese make their home.  The area is a convenient, suburban hub close to the bustle of downtown Kobe (Sannomiya) and Osaka.  A very multicultural area of the city, there is a mosque, temple, anglican cathedral, catholic church, shrine and synagogue within easy walking distance of St. Michael’s.   There are restaurants, shops, grocery stores and foreign specialty shops all within a five minute walk of the school.
“Sandwiched” between the Seto Inland Sea to the south and the mountains of Rokko to the north, Kobe is blessed with natural environment. The city has the largest park space per person among 20 government-designated cities. Residents can enjoy seasonal leisure activities in the natural settings spread within a easy reach such as mountain climbing and skiing on Mt. Rokko and visiting the beaches at Suma and Maiko.
Kobe's living environment has many advantages over those of larger cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. Kobe offers  all the advantages of a more provincial city including spacious housing, a low cost of living, smooth and short commuting times, good public safety, and good work-life balance.
A well-established international city, Kobe has a strong and improving infrastructure to support the international community with the largest number of international schools outside of Tokyo, as well as health services catering to foreigners. 

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