St. Michael's International School

SMIS Curriculum Overview

The curriculum in St Michael’s International School is based on the National Curriculum of England and taught through the theme based, cross curricular International Primary Curriculum. Our highly qualified and experienced British and international staff are recruited mainly from the UK through high quality recruitment agencies.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which is supported by a strong team of specialist teachers in Japanese, Music, Physical Education (PE), Library, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Special Educational Needs and English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL.)  

At St Michael’s International School there is an emphasis on the development of the whole child: the social, emotional, physical and academic aspects are all equally important. Our Christian ethos guides us towards a particular focus on the values of integrity, compassion, responsibility, respect, tolerance, honesty and endeavour.


We have adopted the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) approach to augment the solid academic framework of the National Curriculum, recognising that our students come from a wide variety of international and cultural backgrounds and that the pace of change in the world in which they are growing up is fast.

To address the challenges that this entails the IPC curriculum was developed to prepare children to be independent 21st century learners; experienced and equipped to work in cooperation with others, seeing connections between different subject matters, and motivated to ask questions and seek answers using a variety of approaches. Linking subjects means that children can make different connections in their learning. The more connections the brain can make, the more effectively a child can learn.


At St Michael’s International School , English and Maths are core subjects that are celebrated by children, teachers and parents. In each of these curriculum areas every child is valued and receives positive encouragement to develop their skills. Where appropriate we ensure that lessons are multi-sensory and interactive and therefore encourages the development of well rounded learners.

The curriculum begins with the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is a two year programme for Nursery (known as Caterpillars) and Reception aged learners (known as Butterflies). This programme supports their learning readiness for entry into the primary school.

The next stage is Milepost One (Year One and Two,) followed by Milepost Two (Year Three and Four) and Milepost Three (Year Five and Six.)



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