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Japanese Language Programme


Japanese Language Curriculum
The Japanese Language Curriculum is comprised of two main streams. One is for native Japanese speakers or fluent Japanese speakers and the other is for pupils who have begun to learn Japanese.  The former programme aims to support the pupils in the development of the key literacy skills, based on  the national curriculum recommended by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Japan.   The main teaching resources are selected and adopted from the textbooks commended by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Japan.   The latter programme places a strong emphasis on supporting the pupils in  developing basic communication skills within the framework of TJFL (Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language).  The main teaching resources are selected and adopted from Kumon materials.  
Japanese Cultural Events
Japanese traditional stories and cultural events are introduced during the lessons  throughout the year.  Cultural activities take place on a  monthly basis, in which the pupils are given first-hand experience of learning and enjoying some of the  most famous and popular Japanese cultural practices, which include:


  • Flower arrangement
  • Tea ceremony
  • Kendo (martial art)
  • Japanese calligraphy
  • Visits to the shrines
  • Dolls’ Festival
  • The children’s day celebration
Japanese Assembly
The pupils are given opportunities to demonstrate their Japanese language skills through singing, dancing and acting based on traditional stories and folktales during Japanese assemblies.  
Japanese Homework
Homework is provided on a weekly basis.   The pupils in the advanced groups practise Kanji using Kanken Kanji Books, and are encouraged to sit the exams.   The pupils in the beginners’ groups practise Hiragana/Katakana letters and/or some basic Kanji, according to their abilities.  
Japanese Clubs
In order to support and strengthen the pupils’ language skills further,  they are encouraged to participate in Kanji clubs and Japanese language clubs.  
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