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Religious Education, Values and Personal Skills

Religious Education Overview

Our Religious Education (RE) Curriculum is based on two key areas: learning about religion and learning from religion, as well as incorporating international perspectives, local religions and the Anglican faith. 
We provide a comprehensive programme that focuses on a set of agreed religions and core values. We explore all of the main world religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism, as well as considering more local religions, such as Shintoism and Jainism. All the units in the table below include the study of multiple religions and have been chosen to cover the following key areas of religions:
                      MP1 (Ages 5-7)                MP2 and MP3 (Ages 7-11)
1. Believing                                      
2. Belonging 
3. Prayer and Worship
4. Leaders and Teachers 
5. Stories and Books 
6. Celebrations
1. Beliefs and Questions
2. Inspirational People
3. Teachings and Authority
4. Religion and the Individual
5. Religion, Family and Community
6. Worship, Pilgrimage & Sacred Places
7. The Journey of Life and Death
8. Symbols & Religion


The following table highlights the units taught through the school:

Year1 Year2 Year3 Year4 Year5 Year6
What does it
mean to belong?
  Places of Worship  

What is faith, and
what difference
does it make?

Rules and how
they influence
our actions

Why should we
care for our world?

What makes up a
Leaders and Teachers Celebrations What do signs
and symbols
mean in religion?
Why are sacred
texts important?
Why do you judge me?

What journeys do we
have to take in life?

Special Things Holy Writings Beliefs and questions What religions
are represented
in our neighbourhood?
Inspirational People Exploring Changes


St. Michael’s International School is closely identified with St. Michael’s Cathedral, Kobe and therefore with the Anglican tradition of the Protestant Church. As such, RE plays an important part in the life of the school, contributing to the school’s Christian ethos.  It makes a distinctive contribution to the school curriculum by developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of religion, and the religious beliefs, practices and traditions that have an influence on individuals, communities and cultures. It enables pupils to respond to important questions related to spiritual development and the meaning and purpose of life.   

RE encourages each child and young person to develop a sense of identity and belonging. It aims to promote religious understanding and respect, to promote understanding between those of faith, and to promote understanding between those who are religious and those who are not. It aims to challenge prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping. It is concerned with the promotion of each pupil’s self-worth, enabling them to reflect on their uniqueness as human beings, to share their feelings and emotions with others and to appreciate the importance of forming and maintaining positive relationships. RE seeks to enable pupils to learn about the ways different communities, including those of faith, relate to each other and to society as a whole. RE aims to enable children and young people to flourish individually within their communities and as citizens in a diverse society and global community. 

In addition to our RE curriculum, we also provide a comprehensive Values Education program that focuses on:

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Tolerance and Understanding
  • Honesty
  • Endeavour

At St. Michael’s, we also promote the following Personal Skills (The Four Cs):

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication

St. Michael’s International School celebrates a cycle of Christian celebrations in the school calendar that include: St. Michael’s Day Service, Founders’ Day Service, Christmas and Easter. Good Neighbour Week is an opportunity to reflect and respond to the needs of others.

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