Children eat in the cafeteria on four different sittings to limit the number of children eating together at any one time.  When not eating, St. Michael’s students can relax and play on the sports roof or in the playground. Both of these outdoor areas are equipped with shade during the hot summer months.

Please note that due to COVID-19 we have temporarily suspended our cafeteria service.

Nansui Shokuhin (Nansui Foods) and our School jointly provide children with healthy and nutritious lunches at a reasonable price.
Nansui is an established caterer who has been serving kindergartens, hospitals, universities, companies and nursery homes in the Kansai Region since 1952.  National Registered Nutritionist plans a variety of menus with two chefs on site to prepare freshly cooked meals, using minimal additives.
Menu Choice
There are choices of non-vegetarian Lunch Set and Vegetarian Lunch.
  • Both lunches are completely peanut free and use only vegetable oil only.
  • Our mayonnaise does not contain eggs.
  • All dressings and seasonings offered to children are separated from ‘non-vegetarian’ and ‘vegetarian’ on the table.
We recognise the variety of dietary needs of children at St. Michael’s International School.  On the Monthly Menu, Lunch Set (Non-vegetarian) using containing pork and/or pork extract is marked with an asterisk mark *.  Lunch containing beef and/or beef extract is marked with an exclamation mark !
Vegetarian Lunch does not include beef, pork, chicken, fish and egg, nor its extracts.  They are cooked separately, with strict attention given to using separate cooking utensils such as knives, cutting boards and pots.  We also provide Jain menu.  Anyone can order a Jain menu; it does not contain root vegetables such as potato, onion, carrot etc, garlic and ginger.  Please inquire at the School Office for a list of ‘Jain and Non-Jain Food at St. Michael’s’.
Nursery and Reception:  420 yen (per meal)
Years 1-6:  530 yen (per meal)
Extra portion will be additional 50 yen.
Please enquire at the School Office if you feel your child would like
a bigger portion.
Menu Examples
Lunch Set (Non-Vegetarian)
Deep Fried Breaded Salmon
Salad with Broccoli
Fruit Yogurt
613 Calories/ 26.3 g Protein
16.5 g Fat/ 1.5 g Salt
Vegetarian Lunch
Curry Rice with Vegetables
(Also available as Jain)
Salad with Cheese
Fruit Yogurt
636 Calories/ 22g Protein
14g Fat/ 2.5g Salt
Nursery and Reception Size
Lunch Set
Pizza Bread
Chicken Nugget
Fried Potato
How to Order & Pay for School Lunch
Monthly Menu and Monthly Ordersheet are distributed every month.
Pre-Ordering System:
For your ease in taking advantage of our Lunchtime Loyalty Programme (see below), please submit this sheet once a month.  The deadline is 3 school days in advance.
Changes & Cancellations:
Changes & cancellations can be made later by simply calling the Office within the deadline.  Please note that cancellations after the deadline will result in charging you the full fees.  (If your child is ill, this will not apply.)
On-the-Day Service:
We have a limited number of lunches available to order on the first-come-first-served basis and by 9:15a.m. of the day.  These orders will be counted towards the Lunchtime Loyalty Programme.  You must visit or call the Office to order.  (No fax or email.)
The invoice will be sent home with your child the following month.
Lunchtime Loyalty Programme:
If you order 50% or more from available meals per month, you will be charged with a discount –  400 yen for Early Years & 500 yen for Years 1-6.  Please note that cancellations (e.g. due to illness etc) will not be counted towards this programme.
Food Safety
Nansui has an established sanitary inspection system in place.  Every month, the kitchen and Nansui kitchen staff receive inspection from Food Sanitation Supervisor as designated by Food Sanitation Act.  18 items are inspected such as sanitation and cleanliness of kitchen and kitchen utensils, as well as for any trace of food poisoning.
By ordering lunch in advance, you would be helping us to reduce food waste.  According to Japan for Sustainability, 20 million tons of food is wasted each year in Japan.  2,376 tons of CO2 is discharged annually to burn the food waste. Nansui and St. Michael’s is committed to reducing food waste, and we appreciate your contribution by this ordering system, which reduces this significantly.
What St. Michael’s Community Say…
In previous years, various Food Tasting Events and Questionnaires were conducted, and we received positive feedback from children, parents and staff.
“Good variety in the menu”  “Balance of meat and vegetables is good”
“The menu is very healthy”  “I’m impressed by the facility and efficient service of the staff”