We prioritize the appointment of highly-qualified, experienced class teachers, assisted by specialist teachers and full-time teaching and learning assistants. The teaching staff comes from a variety of places, but mainly from the UK. All of our class and specialist teachers hold a UK teaching qualification or an international equivalent and have at least two year’s experience in a British or British international school.

A community of life long learners, we keep abreast of curriculum development, new teaching methodologies and research, exploring these during regular training days throughout the year.

  • John Aspinall - UK - Deputy Head & Library Teacher

    I am a UK qualified teacher and started teaching at St Michael’s International School in 2010. The community spirit here is wonderful and I have enjoyed every moment of my time here. I am happiest when I see children enjoying their learning, reaching their potential and become independent and motivated learners. I love Japan and have lived in Fukuoka, Kyoto and Mie Prefecture before settling here in Kobe. At weekends, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing the piano, reading a good book, exercising or catching up on the football.

  • Lauren Brownen - Ireland - Early Years Teacher/Early Years Coordinator

    I began my teaching career in Dublin, Ireland, where I studied Primary and Early Childhood Education and taught in both mainstream and special school settings. I have previous experience of teaching at international schools in South Korea and Kazakhstan before joining the team at St. Michael’s in 2015 where I am the Early Years Teacher and Coordinator.  It is a privilege to work with such a wonderful team of Early Years facilitators each day. I love the excitement and variety that teaching Early Years children brings. I believe that children learn best when they are happy, relaxed and having fun in a warm and positive environment. Encouraging young children to challenge themselves and develop their love of learning makes every day a rewarding experience.

  • Gabe Inter - USA - Early Years Teacher

    I have been working at St. Michael’s International School since 2006 first as a teaching assistant, and since 2012 as an English Language Learners (ELL) teacher. I am a US certified teacher with a Masters in Early Childhood Education  I am also a CELTA-certified English language teacher.  I am delighted to join the Early Years team as a class teacher in 2019. In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching sports, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Nicolas Foster - Canada - Teaching Assistant Early Years

    I joined St. Michael’s in 2015, first in the English Language Section for three years before joining the international school as an assistant.  I have set the goal to make the most of my TESOL & TEYL certifications to help children strengthen their use of English and to support them to become strong, independent learners with the help of our amazing team of professionals. I always rejoice working and seeing St. Michael’s children enjoy learning and becoming independent learners. I enjoy living in Japan and I love cycling Japan’s many wondrous places and discovering each area’s specialities. When not travelling around, I enjoy spending time with my family and discovering new ways to entertain ourselves.

  • Kumiko Kamatsuka - Japan - Teaching Assistant Early Years

    I have been working at St. Michael’s since 2004, teaching from Nursery to Year One.  Previously, I have also taught at Osaka International School.  Having completed my Early Childhood teacher training in California, I am licensed to teach children aged up to five.  I am also certified to teach music based on Music Rhapsody programme.

  • Rebecca Price - UK - Year One Class Teacher

    I qualified as a teacher at the University of Exeter in 2014 and have taught in both the UK and Spain. I am delighted to have joined St. Michael’s in 2018. I am passionate about helping children develop the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to become enthusiastic, life-long learners. When I am not busy learning Japanese or exploring Japan, I enjoy reading, writing and participating in sports.

  • Lydia Wells - UK - Teaching Assistant Year One

    I am thrilled to be joining the St. Michael’s community as the Year 3 Teaching Assistant from August 2016. I am a CELTA-qualified teacher from a small town called Ludlow in the middle of rural England. Since coming to Japan in December 2014 I have enjoyed teaching a range of different learners in a variety of settings. I am very drawn to the St. Michael’s ethos of international mindedness and aspire to promote this outlook in the classroom. I am very much looking forward to working with and learning from the students at St. Michael’s this year. When I’m not in school, I love to spend my time cafe-hopping, going to the theatre, and studying Japanese.

  • Henry Cammell - UK - Year Two Class Teacher

    I am a UK qualified teacher and have been lucky enough to have previously worked in schools in England, China and Egypt.  I am excited to have joined the team at St Michael’s International School in August 2015.  I believe in making my lessons as hands on and as engaging as possible and love the variety of teaching opportunities which working with primary age children affords.  When I am not teaching, I enjoy playing and watching football, exercising and travelling.

  • Akiko Nakagawa - Japan - Teaching Assistant Year Two

    I have been working at St. Michael’s since 2006. I studied Childcare and Education in Devon, England and I have been working with young children in England and Japan for almost 20 years now.  I completed a pediatrics course both in England and Japan too. I look forward to getting to know each child and their families. During my holiday I love traveling with my family and visiting my friends in other countries.

  • Thomas Greene - UK - Year Three Class Teacher

    I am a UK certified teacher with three years experience of teaching in London. I am delighted to have joined the St. Michael’s community in August 2020. I particularly enjoy teaching English and History and encouraging children to be independent learners. When I am not teaching, I enjoy running, listening to music, watching sport and eating Japanese food.  I lived abroad in Tanzania for six months and I am excited to come to Japan for the first time and discover everything about Japanese culture and to learn the language.

  • Sarah Curtis - USA -Teaching Assistant Year Three

    I am delighted to have joined St. Michael’s in 2019 after previously working on the Jet programme in Kochi.
  • Steven Lewington - UK - Year Four Class Teacher

    I qualified as a teacher at the University of Wales in 1994 and I have been working at St. Michael’s International School since 2005.  I  was the Library teacher for a number of years and also relished my role as classroom teacher in both Year Six and currently Year Four. Every day is a pleasure, full of surprises, challenges and opportunities for learning. I love it!

  • Nick Green - UK - Year Five Class Teacher

    I qualified as a teacher in 2009 and joined the St. Michael’s team in 2014 having previously taught in my home city of London.  I have always been passionate about helping to foster an attitude of aspiration, resilience and high expectations amongst children. I very much enjoy living and working in Kobe and am delighted to be a part of this community. Whenever I’m not busy teaching, I enjoy pursuing my interests in writing, travel and learning Japanese.

  • Avani Shah - India - Teaching Assistant Learning Enrichment (Year Four, Five and Six)

    I was born in India, but I have always lived in Kobe. I enjoy reading and watching movies. I began working at St. Michael’s International School in 2007 as the Reception Teaching Assistant. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of being able to assist in various classes. I believe that I am  very lucky as I get to experience St. Michael’s through the eyes of a teacher and an alumni.

  • Joanne Offer - UK - Year Six Class Teacher

    As part of the St. Michael’s community, I’m looking forward to another excellent year of sharing new learning and experiences with my class. I qualified as a teacher in 2012 and joined the St. Michael’s team in 2019, having previously taught for eight years at a primary school in Sunderland – my hometown in the UK. I have worked in a range of countries, from Nigeria and Kenya, to Indonesia and Pakistan. My career has included journalism (both print and radio) and supporting a range of international charities with their communications. I love reading, swimming and exploring new places.

  • Alina Grishko - US - English Language Learners (ELL) Teacher

    I joined the learning community at St. Michael’s International School In August 2020.  I am passionate about empowering diverse learners to succeed in a global society. Previously, I was an Assistant Language Teacher at two prefectural high schools in Hyogo. I have a B.A. in Elementary Education with an ELL endorsement from Northwest University in Washington State. I grew up in a trilingual family, which is what sparked my interest in language acquisition and international education. On the weekends, I enjoy outdoor activities, journaling, volunteering at a pre-school playgroup, and connecting with family and friends.

  • Gloria Tang - Canada - English Language Learners (ELL) Assistant

    I have been working at St. Michael’s International School since 2014. I am CELTA-certified, and I have been working with English language learners of various ages since 2011 as a participant of the JET program in Mie Prefecture. In my free time, I enjoy travelling around Japan and learning about Japanese history.

  • Jane Stackhouse - Australia - Music and P.E. Teacher

    Having joined St Michael’s in 2018, I am looking forward to continuing my work with the students in Music and P.E. I am an Australian qualified primary school teacher and have been teaching since 2000. Over my career I have enjoyed being a classroom teacher, music teacher, ELL teacher, and now a specialist PE/Music teacher. I am also a Suzuki violin teacher and enjoy working with string ensembles. When I am not working I like to spend time with my family. We like to bush walk, swim, play board games, eat ramen and learn about Japanese culture.

  • Yoshiko Fujiki - Japan - Japanese Teacher

    Having taught Year One and Two pupils at an independent school in London for 10 years, I returned to Japan and started teaching at St Michael’s International School in 2010.  I have been studying language education in multilingual settings and hold an MSc as well as an MA in Comparative Education.  In an era of rapid globalisation, learning English is becoming increasingly popular in Japan; however, mother tongue education is equally important, as it plays an important role in fostering children’s cultural identity.  With this in mind, I will continue making the utmost effort to promote the Japanese language and support the children to develop and enhance their Japanese literacy skills.

  • Fusako Lang - Japan - Japanese Teacher

    I started working at St. Michael’s in 2012. Before that, I was a Japanese teacher at an American public elementary school for four years. I enjoy teaching Japanese language and culture and seeing children develop into confident communicators.  Living in Kitano, I run across many students from St. Michael’s in the local neigbourhood. I enjoy their lovely smiles and greetings, because I feel I am a part of the community and giving something back to society.

  • Ahmed Aljonaid - Saudi Arabia - ICT Director

    I have been part of the St. Michael’s team since 2005 and have started my new role as the ICT Director in 2012.  I hold a master Degree in Computer Science from the USA and a Ph.D in Science from Japan.  Away from work,  I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife and precious son, especially outdoors—playing, visiting new places and learning together. I also enjoy fixing small mechanical or electronic devices, programming, working with metals and woods, reading, and learning new languages. Not everyone gets to enjoy all this and enjoy their job too, so I feel very fortunate that I am able to have all of this.

  • Setsuko Morimoto - Japan - School Nurse

    I joined St. Michael’s as the School Nurse in 2011.  Prior to coming to St. Michael’s, I worked at hospitals in Kobe as a nurse/midwife for eight years.  I take pleasure in spending my days with our students who are full of energy.  In my free time, I enjoy swimming, cooking and playing with my cat and grandson.