St. Michael's International School

SMIS Council Members

Members of the Board plus:
Chair of the Council: Mr. Peter Mallett. Associate Professor, Kobe Shoin Women’s University. Freelance writer

Peter came to Japan in 1984 and was elected to the Board of Trustees as Chair of the Council of SMIS in 2008.
He is also Chair of the Education and Governance Committee, the Fundraising Committee and the 70th Gala Committee. Formerly the arts editor of Kansai Time Out, Peter has written for many publications in Japan and abroad. He is the founder of the Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia Project, assisting impoverished girls in rural Cambodia to get an education.




Mr. Raj Shah. Director at Pearl International Co. Ltd.

Raj joined the Council in 2011 and serves on the Building & Maintenance Committee. A current parent, he graduated from St Michael's in 1986.



Masako Okado.

Masako joined the council in 2016 and serves on the Education and Governance Committee. Parent to an alumni, Masako has maintained a good association with the Parents Of St Michael's (POSM)

Anagha Atwe.
Anagha joined the council in 2016 and serves on the fund raising committee. She is parent to an alumni and has a strong / long association with the Parents Of St Michael's ( POSM) group.

Mr. Malcolm Cross. 

Malcolm is a recently retired university Director of Research and Innovation living in Kobe,Japan and near Bath in England.  He pursues a portfolio of interests that include university teaching in Kyoto, fine art photography and voluntary work. Malcolm  joined the Council in 2016 and is Chair of the Building and Maintenance Committee.


Ex officio:

Mr. Jonathan Bunch. English Language Section Coordinator
Originally from the USA, Jonathan received his J.D. and CDR from Willamette University College of Law, and was a practicing business lawyer for over five years.  Jonathan has lived and worked in Japan for over fourteen years and before joining St. Michael’s he worked for a shipping company in Ehime as an English teacher and contract manager. Jonathan also holds a TESL and Teaching Business English Certificate. 

Ms.Sarah Reynolds.  Deputy Head at SMIS
Sarah has taught at SMIS since 2012 and was appointed as a member of the Senior Management Team. She joined the School Council on appointment as Deputy Head in August 2014. Sarah serves on the Education and Governance Committee and acts as secretary during the School Board meetings.


Mr. Steven Lewington. Year 4 Class Teacher and Librarian


Steven joined the Council as the nominated teacher representative in August 2014. He serves on the Education and Governance Committee and is the official Minutes Taker for the Council.




Auditor to the Board and Council

Mr. Jun Yamaguchi. Certified Public Accountant

Jun joined the Board and Council as auditor in September 2012. He is a graduate of SMIS from the Class of 1983 and also a current parent. Jun is the Chair of the Finance and Marketing Committee.


Auditor to the Board and Council

Rev. Masaki Endo.

Rev Endo joined the Council in June 2014.  He is the President of Kobe International University and a Professor of Economics. Rev Endo serves on the Finance and Marketing Committee.


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