Privacy Policy

St. Michael’s International School recognises the importance of protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. The school has adopted best practices to ensure the security, accuracy, and accessibility of  data. Data is stored in a variety of places determined by the nature and purpose of the data collected:

  1. Enrollment and attendance data related to children and their families is stored on an overseas, cloud based server. This company does not use any of the data the school stores and is therefore not classed as a third party disclosure.  This data is managed by the Communications Director. Any physical application forms and associated documents received at the time of the application are stored in a locked filing cabinet in the admissions office.
  2. Academic data is stored on the school’s team drive with access given to the relevant teachers who assess, record and report on student progress. This data is used to create academic reports which are shared with parents three times a year.
  3. Child protection and pastoral data is stored on a cloud based system or ‘hosted solution’, called CPOMS. Access to CPOMS data is password protected, managed by the DSOL with limited access to class teachers for recording purposes only.

The school has adopted definitions related to data confidentiality, integrity, and availability as follows:

Confidentiality: sensitive student data is accessed by authorised personnel only, safeguarding against unauthorised disclosure and privacy breaches.

Integrity: student information remains accurate and reliable, free from unauthorised alterations or tampering throughout its lifecycle.

Availability: only authorised users can access student data when needed, promoting a supervised and managed approach to data.

You can download a copy of the school’s Privacy Policy here.

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