Children eat in the cafeteria on four different sittings to limit the number of children eating together at any one time.  When not eating, St. Michael’s students can relax and play on the sports roof or in the playground. Both of these outdoor areas are equipped with shade during the hot summer months.
During the pandemic we have a reduced lunch service which offers a daily bento which can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian.  The vegetarian option is Jain-friendly.  Bento prices are 540 yen for Early Years and 640 yen for Year 1-6 (price includes consumption tax) Bento meals are pre-ordered once a month, by the 25th of the previous month.  Cancellation can be made 72 hours prior to an absence.
This is an outsourced service provided by Cezar’s Kitchen. All the ordering, payment and cancellations are made directly with Cezar’s Kitchen. For further information please visit 
Children can of course bring their own lunch from home or, if families prefer, children can go home for their lunch.
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