Maintaining a low risk environment
  1. Maintaining the school’s mission of growing, working, learning together.
  2. Prioritising student and faculty health, safety and well-being.
  3. Promoting protocols and practices which reduce the transmission of the virus and support our ability to be responsive when facing challenging circumstances.

Parent Expectations

Parent support is essential to help us to maintain a safe and healthy school environment. We need your support to minimise the risk of school closure.

  • Long hair must be tied back using a simple band – no fancy hairbands that children may be tempted to play with during the day.
  • If your child has any symptoms of being unwell please check their temperature and monitor your own temperature before coming to school.
  • Keep your child at home if they have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or show any signs or symptoms of ill health, however mild.
  • Inform the School Nurse of any health issues, however mild.
  • Inform the School Nurse of a COVID-19 diagnosis in yourself or anyone in your household.
  • Be prepared to collect your child at short notice if the School Nurse is concerned about their health.

Hygiene Procedures in Classrooms

  • Hand sanitiser is available in all rooms for use by faculty and students.
  • Each room has a classroom sanitation pack.
  • Classrooms and shared areas such as toilets are cleaned at lunchtime and again at the end of the day.
  • Classrooms are well ventilated with at least one window open to create airflow. We have increased mosquito repellent in classrooms and installed fly screens in every classroom for safe window opening.
  • Children can fill up their own bottle at the water fountains but should avoid drinking directly from the fountain.
  • Shared surfaces across school such as door handles, handrails, water fountain buttons etc… are cleaned daily.

St. Michael’s International School, in partnership with JCIS, supports and endorses the use of approved COVID-19 vaccines as a safe and effective way of protecting student health, wider community health and continued access to on-campus learning.

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