School Fees

Fees for 2024-2025

School reserves the right to review and adjust its fees at any time.  Any changes will be advertised.

 What do the fees cover?
Tuition Fees are paid per student and go towards the cost of delivering our educational programme.  Tuition fees cover all educational materials used by the children as part of the main curriculum and includes exercise books, stationery and equipment, swimming lessons,  one class excursion per year and one copy of the school yearbook per family. If the school has to close unexpectedly due to an emergency situation, the school will continue via distance learning, and full tuition is maintained. We offer a 15% sibling discount to support families with more than one child attending St. Michael’s International School. Tuition fees are paid annually in two installments; July and January.
Maintenance Fee 
The Maintenance Fee is charged annually to all students who attend St. Michael’s International School.   The Maintenance Fee ensures that we continue providing the secure, safe grounds and facilities that St. Michael’s  students have come to enjoy and parents have come to expect. This fee is charged in full to all students, returning and new, regardless of when the student begins each year at St. Michael’s.  It is not refundable and we do not offer pro-rata for partial attendance. It is paid in full in August.
The insurance covers all activities under the supervision of school staff and includes after school activities and local trips.  It also includes the regular journey to and from School. The annual insurance premium is paid per child and provides the following benefits: ¥8,000,000 towards death and after effects,  ¥6,000 per day for hospitalization and ¥4,000 per day for outpatients. This fee is not refundable.
PTA Fee 
The PTA Fee is an annual fee paid per family. The fee contributes to the costs of running a range of PTA events (referred to as POSMs) throughout the year, updating equipment for use at these events, providing gifts and prizes for competitions and events as well as refreshments etc… The POSMs publish their treasurer’s report in June each year. This fee is not refundable.
Technology Fee 
The Technology Fee applies to all students enrolling in Year One and any new children enrolling in Years Two to Six. This one time only fee covers the cost of providing a range of age appropriate hardware and software to support children’s learning in the primary school.  The fee also covers the cost of providing individual Chromebooks to children in the event their class or the entire school transitions to distance learning. This fee is not refundable.


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