School Life

St. Michael’s offers young learners a window to the world as they are nurtured to develop into well rounded global citizens. School life is carefully designed to offer children the opportunity to develop a balance of essential academics, personal and international skills through a range of well planned activities that prepares them for the future.

Early Years

Designed for three to five year olds, our young learners benefit from a two year language-rich, play-based experience which is designed to support their smooth transition into our primary school.


Our accredited primary school offers a six year programme which caters for young learners from five to eleven years of age. Children are organized into year groups according to their age and we have one class in each year group.

Student Leadership

An essential part of preparing our young learners for the future is to offer them authentic opportunities to make a difference for their student community.

Clubs & Activities

St. Michaels International School offers a range of optional after school activities known as ‘Clubs.’

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