Early Years (Ages 3-5)

Through accessing the best of the British Early Years Foundation Stage  EYFS)  and International Early Years Curriculum( IEYC), we aim to:

  • Guide the children towards gaining Knowledge, Skills and Understanding of the world in which they are growing.
  • Build Relationships with peers and adults. Children are curious and sociable and develop communication skills through having frequent, enjoyable opportunities to work and play with other people, in situations that are easy for them to understand such as play.
  • Acquire Language through lots of talking and listening, gradually moving to reading and writing in Butterfly class.
  • Respond to Challenges: Be prepared to take risks and learn from mistakes.


We take our topics of study from the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC). Over the academic year these topics provide a base to learn about the world, exploring themes and concepts and for the children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding related to these topics. The language of Knowledge, Skills and Understanding is something that we start to instill in Early Years and we use this language in our displays and in our talk with the children to help them develop their ability to perceive themselves  as learners and articulate how they learn.

K Knowledge Things we know: In Early Years this is often building and developing vocabulary related to our topics.
S Skills Things we can do: In Early Years these are link to our Early Years Learning goals across the Areas of Learning laid out below.
U Understanding This takes time to build and comes about through using and developing our knowledge and skills.

International Early Years Curriculum

The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) is made up of units of learning which establish the foundations of the essential skills, knowledge and understanding our youngest learners will need as they transition into primary school.

Child centred and activity based, each IEYC unit begins with an exciting Entry Point and ends with an Exit Point where parents are invited to take part in the learning journey.  Running alongside the IEYC, our Early Years learners are provided with an equally strong foundation in English and Numeracy skills.

Our mixed age setting provides a well-rounded education based on the English National Curriculum and adapted to suit our international setting. Students learn about the world around them and gain an understanding of their role as members of a global community who will lead happy, healthy and rewarding lives.

Play based learning is an essential part of our practical, inquiry based curriculum where play is a universal language that supports the development of every child. It is fun, enjoyable and unique, with endless possibilities. Play offers limitless opportunities to underpin and develop their academic, personal and international, skills.  St. Michael’s learners are encouraged and supported to ask questions and develop their curiosity about the world. By working both alone and in groups in an engaging mix of adult and child led activities, our Early Years children learn to be independent, creative and considerate.

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