Payment Policy

Payment Policy

1.    The Application Fee is non-refundable and payable at the time the application is submitted. Applications will not be considered complete for review until the application fee has been made.

2.    The Registration Fee is a non-refundable, one time only payment. The registration fee must be paid within three (3) weeks of receiving the official acceptance offer from St. Michael’s.

3.    Tuition Fees are paid in two installments; July and January. For children who enter during the school year, tuition fees will be charged from the month of entry.  All other fees must be paid in full.

4.    Tuition fees cover all educational materials used by the children as part of the main curriculum and includes exercise books, stationery and equipment, swimming lessons, one class excursion per year and one copy of the school yearbook per family.

5.    A penalty of ¥30,000 will be strictly applied for payments received fifteen (15) days after the due date.

6.    Students whose tuition is outstanding sixty (60) days after the due date may be suspended from classes. The school reserves the right to withhold any reports, transcripts, or transfer certificate if there are unpaid balances.

7.    If the school suspends a student due to non-payment of school fees, an additional payment of ¥50,000 will be conditional to a student’s reinstatement plus the full remaining year’s fees payable in advance.

8.    A late withdrawal fee of ¥30,000 will be applied to families who, after making the July payment, withdraw before the start of the new academic year.

9.    We offer a 15% sibling discount on tuition fees. See further details below.

10. The annual Maintenance Fee is charged to all students, returning and new, regardless of when the student begins each year. It is not refundable and we do not offer pro-rata for partial attendance. It is paid in full in July or at the time of enrolment.

11. The annual Insurance Fee is paid per child and provides the following benefits: ¥8,000,000 towards death and after effects,  ¥6,000 per day for hospitalization and ¥4,000 per day for outpatients. The insurance fee covers all activities under the supervision of school staff and includes after school activities and local trips.  It also includes the regular journey to and from School. This fee is not refundable.
12. The PTA Fee is an annual fee paid per family. It is non-refundable.
13. Children who leave before the end of the school year will be charged up to the end of the term in which they withdraw. (St. Michael’s operates a three term year: August-December, January – March and April – June.)   A minimum of two months’ written notice of withdrawal must be given to the Head of School.  Fees held for beyond this point, will be returned within thirty (30) days of leaving.
14. If children leave St. Michael’s and return within 18 months/4 academic terms, they will be considered as a continuing student, application and registration fees will not apply.  Children returning after 18 months will be considered as a new student.
15. If the school has to close unexpectedly due to an emergency situation, the school will continue via distance learning, and no refunds will be provided.
Fees are paid by bank transfer to:
Transferring from Japan
The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Kobe Branch
Savings Account (Futsu) # 1264140
In the name of “Sei Mikaeru Kokusai Gakko”
Transferring from Overseas
The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Kobe Branch
Branch Code: # 581
Savings Account (Futsu) # 1264140
In the name of “St Michael’s International School”
Any bank charges are the responsibility of the person or organisation paying the fees.
Questions about fees and payments should be directed to the school Finance Office.
Additional Costs
Library Bag: Each student must have a school library bag to transport library books to and from school. The cost of the Library bag is invoiced along with other school fees. Your child will receive their new school library bag during their first Library lesson. Replacement bags are available from the School Office at a cost of ¥1,800.
School Cap: The cost of the school cap is invoiced along with other school fees. The cap will be provided by the school on your child’s first day. Replacement caps are available from the School Office at a cost of ¥1,800.
After school activities
School and PE uniform
Cafeteria lunch 
School bus
Individual photographs taken by a professional photographer at the start of the school year.
Sibling Discount
St. Michael’s International School recognises the impact that the cost of a private school education can have on families with multiple children.  In an effort to assist families considering our school, we have established a tuition discount for families with multiple siblings.  The following are the criteria for qualification of a tuition fee discount.
Definition of sibling – The student must be one of two or more children attending St. Michael’s, having one or both parents in common.  This discount is not available to family members outside the sibling relationship.
The oldest child will pay full tuition fees.  The discount applies to younger sibling(s) in the order of enrolment.  For siblings who apply together the discount will apply to the younger child.  This will be established at the time of registration.
The sibling discount is applicable to the tuition fee only.  All other fees including application fee, registration fee, annual maintenance fee and insurance must be paid in full.