It’s almost time to say goodbye to an unforgettable chapter and hello to the exciting journey ahead as our Year Six class prepare for their graduation next week. Today, as they led their final school assembly, they reminded us of the hard work, determination, and fun they have brought to St. Michael’s International School. We […]


At our international school, we value and appreciate the role of parents in enriching the experiences of our learners. The partnership between parents and our school is fundamental in creating a nurturing and dynamic learning environment. Parent engagement not only supports academic achievement but also fosters a strong sense of community and belonging among our […]

Exit Points

Exit points are the final step in the learning journey during an International Primary Curriculum unit of study. The Exit Point has two main purposes: to help children pull together their learning from the unit and to celebrate the learning that has taken place. Exit points are also an important aspect of our parent engagement […]

Pantomime Season

The British tradition of pantomime goes back hundreds of years. For schools it offers the perfect platform for our learners to develop their speaking and listening skills, confidence and performing skills. There are a wide variety of roles which allow children to build their performance confidence and for those a little shy about acting there […]

A Sense of Community

Our annual Bazaar was a huge success thanks to the participation of our community members. With faculty, parents, Board and Council members, Alumni and current students all taking part we enjoyed a most wonderful day. Events such as this provides just one more reason why St. Michael’s is described as the small school with the […]

Nurturing Global Citizens

This week is Global Citizenship Action Week and our young learners are taking part in Global Citizenship Action learning activities. This is an opportunity for children to continue developing their personal responsibility and recognition of the impact that our actions have in the local environment linked to our current learning about SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and […]

Reasons to be cheerful

Following on from our recent CIS and ICA accreditations, St. Michael’s is delighted to have once again been awarded COBIS Accredited Member status. As a COBIS school you can be assured that we offer the following: As an accredited school St. Michael’s offers parents peace of mind that we have been quality assured to a […]

The importance of collaboration

As one of our ‘Four C’s, collaboration at St. Michael’s International School is identified as an essential skill. At its most basic, collaboration encourages teamwork and social interaction. Collaborative learning also allows our young learners to develop some valuable skills such as problem-solving, communication, creativity, confidence, builds relationships and increases engagement as well as allows […]

The importance of wellbeing

Good mental health and wellbeing is essential for learning. Children need to learn how to cope with day to day challenges, to be resilient and to develop positive healthy relationships with others. Implemented in 2020 our Health and Wellbeing Curriculum was created with the aim of ensuring that children know how to be safe and […]

Performing Arts

Our recent Performing Arts Showcase saw us enjoy 25 different performances from learners of all ages, With a range of arts including dance, singing and a multitude of instruments, there was really something for everyone to enjoy. The Performing Arts are all about self expression and play a hugely significant role in helping children to […]