Performing Arts

Our recent Performing Arts Showcase saw us enjoy 25 different performances from learners of all ages, With a range of arts including dance, singing and a multitude of instruments, there was really something for everyone to enjoy. The Performing Arts are all about self expression and play a hugely significant role in helping children to […]

The importance of creativity

At St. Michael’s creativity is one of four essential personal skills that are central to our programme.  Here are some reasons why: We are impressed with the creativity involved in the making of this Japanese danjiri, a wooden cart in the shape of a shrine or temple. Created at home by one of our young […]

Good News Keeps Arriving

We are delighted to share the very good news that St. Michael’s has been reaccredited with the International Curriculum Association (ICA).   We are one of only nine schools in the world to be accredited under the new framework and we were the pilot school for the new CIS-ICA partnership.    With the focus on improving learning as well as […]

Good Governance

Good governance is the result of a lot of hard work and joined up thinking. We are fortunate at St. Michael’s to be supported by an outstanding team of Board and Council members who volunteer their skills, enthusiasm and time in support of our school. Motivated by their passion and enthusiasm for St. Michael’s,  their […]

A biblioteca of Book Characters

Another brilliant Book Week was brought to a close with our traditional dress up day. We enjoyed the myriad of characters who turned up at St. Michael’s today. What a creative community we are blessed with! Happy Book Week 2024

Bringing the magic of books alive!

Our annual Book Week celebrates books and storytelling and their importance for a child’s development. Book Week is a brilliant opportunity to improve comprehension skills and foster language fluency.  It also helps to enhance cognitive abilities such as memory retention, critical thinking and problem solving. Sharing thoughts and emotions related to stories encourages empathy, emotional […]

Student Leaders

Our hard working Student Council led an engaging school assembly on Friday. They explained about the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals and how this year’s student led projects linked to SDG 12 will make a difference. We can all do our bit to safeguard the environment by reducing food waste and improving the management […]

Read all about it!

We are excited to share the good news that St. Michael’s has been reaccredited by the Council of International Schools. Accreditation really is the result of a tremendous team effort involving staff, Council members, parents and our hardworking learners themselves. Congratulations to everyone who is an essential part of the St. Michael’s Community – you […]

Auditions Week

Auditions are underway for the annual Performing Arts Showcase, which will be held on Friday 16th February. This popular event allows learners to demonstrate some of the talents and interests that they enjoy outside of school.  Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in mathematics, the sciences, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking and increased […]