Known as the SMA (St. Michael’s Association) our alumni organization exists to unite former  St. Michael’s students and staff  and provide a network for everyone to connect with each other and keep updated on events and developments at St. Michael’s International School. Once a member of the SMIS family, always a member!

The SMA will focus on:
  • An annual association event
  • Fundraising programme for scholarships and the school
  • Supporting the Annual Bazaar
  • Maintaining an active database of contacts
  • Communicating via electronic means to former staff and students at least bi-annually.
  • Publishing the Breeze bi-annually
  • Maintaining the history of the school
The SMA President reports to the School Board of Trustees at least three times per year.
Contact us on:

Upcoming important dates:

Annual Bazaar – Saturday, April 20, 2024

SMA Annual Party – TBC

Call 078-231-8885 for Admissions Information