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The purpose of the St. Michael’s Association (SMA), shall be to assist in the mission of the School as prescribed by the Board of Trustees. The SMA in this instance will include any student and/or staff who have attended St. Michael’s International School or the English Language School for any given amount of time.  
The SMA will focus on:
  • An annual association event
  • Fundraising programme for scholarships and the school
  • Supporting the Annual Bazaar
  • Maintaining an active database of contacts
  • Communicating via electronic means to former staff and students at least bi-annually.
  • Publishing the Breeze bi-annually (hard copy will be issued annually) 
  • Maintaining the history of the school
The SMA President reports to the School Board of Trustees at least three times per year.
Current Members of the SMA Committee are:


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London Gathering
Summer time in London! We have been fortunate enough to have gatherings in London for the past few years. An informal get together in London with staff and students from the past is an event you wouldn’t want to miss if you happen to be in London in July/August!
Annual Party
The SMA Annual Party is scheduled every year in March and usually occurs on the first Saturday of the month, but the exact date will be available once it is confirmed. 
While socialising with friends, eating and drinking are the main aspects of the Party, we often share information of upcoming events during this time. 

The Annual Bazaar is held every year in April. (The date will be posted when it is confirmed)
For the past few years, the SMA have been in charge of the Takoyaki Stall, Crafts, Cake and Coffee Stall, as well as selling St. Michael’s Goods. During the 2013 Bazaar we sold St. Michael’s T-shirts and during the 2014 Bazaar we successfully sold Tote Bags. The items were popular and were quickly sold out! Please watch out for our next item on sale on the website!



Congratulations to the graduates from  the IS and  the ELS!
2017 Graduataion ELS



The friendly atmosphere and the nurturing environment at St. Michael’s is the reason why we have numerous visitors throughout the year. Former staff, students, and family of staff and students often come by. Here are some recent visitors.
(If you plan to visit St. Michael's at any time, please send us an email and we will try and arrange a suitable date and time to show you around!)
Alumni Visitors August 2017
Alumni May 2017 Visit 1 copy
Alumni May 2017 Visit 2 copy

Up-Coming Events


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