St. Michael's International School

Creating a Sustainable Future

St. Michael’s International School is a not-for-profit organisation and all income is retained within school for the purposes of education. The School aims to maintain stable and secure finances, with sufficient reserves to withstand emergencies and economic uncertainties, so that parents can have confidence in the continuance of their children’s education even in the event of adverse situations.

Almost all income is derived from tuition fees, St. Michael’s International School is not reliant on banks or other financial institutions for funding and is very grateful to the significant support from the Anglican Diocese of Kobe for the loan of the land on which the School is built. The School does not receive funding from the UK government and receives only small annual subsidies from Kobe City and Hyogo Prefecture amounting to approximately 15 million yen.

St. Michael’s International School aims to build up funds in order to finance future capital projects and improvements to the School and seeks additional funding from individual and corporate donors which are used to make major capital improvements such as the recent renovation work to the main building.

Bank reserves are held for three main purposes: to provide working capital for the School’s operational activities, including the payment of future educational costs related to fees already received; to build up funds for capital projects; and to provide an emergency fund which will enable the School to continue to operate in the event of a sudden economic downturn or national emergency.



During the 2018-2019 academic year SMIS achieved ¥259 million revenue. Overall, enrolment and tuition-related fees comprised 84% of total revenues. Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe City contributed 7% in grants whilst other revenues such as Summer School and clubs accounted for the remaining 9%.




In our efforts to provide consistently high-quality education SMIS employs eight classroom teachers, six specialist teachers, seven teaching assistants and a team of seven office and administrative personnel including the Head of School. Staffing-related costs represent 70% of total expenses. Investment in educational materials, stationary, and leases accounted for 4%. Premises-related expenses and depreciation accounted for the remaining 26%.
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