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Support SMIS: FAQ

What is the Annual Fund?

Our Annual Fund is a year-long fundraising program, supported by everyone associated with the school: parents, students, staff, Board of Trustees and alumni. The Annual Fund helps us to enhance and enrich many of the cultural and academic programs that makes St. Michael’s International School so special. We organise a number of fundraising events throughout the year which supports our Annual Fund. The most significant of these is our Annual Bazaar which this year will be held on Saturday 21st April 2018. The Annual Fund runs from August to July every school year.

What will SMIS do with my donation?

Our Annual Fund helps us to continue to offer many of the cultural and academic activities that make SMIS so special and importantly, it is put to use immediately to enhance programs for our current students. Previous projects have included the installation of shade in the playground, 27 desktop computers for the ICT suite as well as volume of books for the Library and classrooms.

What projects will the Annual Fund support this year?

In 2018-2019 the Annual Fund will be used to enhance learner access to technology with the introduction of Chrome Books. 

Our family won’t be here next year, why should we donate?

Annual Fund donations are put to use immediately in the School to enhance programs in the current academic year. Furthermore, your children are directly benefiting from the generosity of families who have donated in the past. The Annual Fund provides you with the opportunity to keep this cycle going.

How much are we expected to give?

Gifts of any size can make a difference and are much appreciated. Gifts over ¥5000 qualify for a special tax dispensation, gifts of ¥100,000 or more will be included in our Jewel Donor Recognition Club.

How will my gift be recognised?

Jewel Donor Recognition Club

  • Individual and corporate donations will be recognised on our school website, in the Alumni’s biannual publication The Breeze and in our annual Yearbook.  
  • Diamond and Ruby donors will be acknowledged on a plaque displayed at the School.
  • Major donors will receive enhanced recognition arranged on an individual basis.
  • Anonymity will be respected for donors requesting it.
Diamond Over ¥5,000,000
Ruby ¥1,000,000–¥4,999,999
Emerald ¥500,000–¥999,999
Sapphire ¥100,000–¥499,999


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