Privacy Policy
School Solicited Information
All personal information solicited by us, via our website or through written communications shall be handled only by the appropriate authorised persons.  The information will only be used for the purpose for which it has been solicited and is kept strictly confidential. When personal information is requested by any means, it is strictly for the purpose of:
  • Processing applications to enter our school;
  • Providing common carriers such as Postal Delivery Services, etc, with such details in order for them to effectively carry out their services;
  • Collecting information to generate anonymous general statistics, e.g. data required for accreditation purposes, etc…
Student Records
All students’ personal, academic and medical information will be kept strictly private and confidential and made available only to authorised personnel in accordance with school policy.
Photographs and recordings 
Photographs and videos of students, staff and visitors to St. Michael’s are taken throughout the year to be used for this website, school publications and other school marketing materials. This permission, however, does not extend to parents-caregivers and students taking or using photos, video and audio of each other without first having the permission of those people and the school.
When referring to a particular student or student work, it is our policy to avoid identifying a student by their photograph. When names are referenced, we only publish first names.  Parents who do not want their child photographed or recorded should notify the School in writing at the time of enrolment.
Social Media
St. Michael’s cannot be held responsible for material (photos, video, audio) placed without our knowledge or permission online on personal websites, social media sites or other external media. St. Michael’s International School encourages all community members to respect the privacy of others and unless specific permission is provided, DO NOT provide identification of a student on any online posting (photos, video, audio). Everyone in our community is reminded to adhere to the school’s Acceptable Use Policy, and that our expectation is that the use of social media is respectful at all times. St. Michael’s reserves the right to limit, restrict, or terminate user privileges of any individual person or party with or without notice at any time.
Website Terms and Conditions
St. Michael’s International School website is the property of St. Michael’s International School. All information, photographs, images, etc… contained therein, should not be reproduced, modified, downloaded, or displayed in any way without the written authorisation of the School.
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