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Admissions Policy


 Academic Year 2020-21

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We welcome all nationalities at St. Michael’s International School and applications are encouraged from internationally-minded families in search of a British style curriculum which is delivered by native English speaking teachers.  Students wishing to join St. Michael’s International School should display a positive attitude and the ability to fully participate in and benefit from the school’s curriculum and high achieving environment.


Applications from children with only a  little English are welcome, however places on our ‘English for Speakers of Other Languages’ programme (ESOL) are limited.  Applicants for places in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 (see level placement chart below) can be beginner English speakers, but they should have language and literacy skills in their first language appropriate to their age.  Applicants for places in Years 2 to Year 6 should also have age-appropriate first language skills and new children should know sufficient basic English to allow them to cope in our English speaking environment.  Successful applicants are given the help and support they need to benefit from the full curriculum as soon as possible, however they are encouraged to also enroll in our after school ELS programme.



English as an Additional Language


Progress reports and parent-teacher consultation meetings are all in English so it is useful if at least one parent has some level of confidence in English.  We offer English Language classes for adults on a full and part-time basis. 


Special Educational Needs

At St. Michael’s International School we teach all of our children in our mainstream classrooms however we do accept a limited number of  applications from parents who have children with mild special educational needs. These additional needs may include: learning difficulties; language and communication delay; children with social or emotional problems or  children with gaps in their learning due to moving around different school systems. As we are not a barrier-free school we have limited facilities and provision to support children with physical disabilities. 

Admission for students with additional learning needs is done on a case-by-case basis and determined by the belief in our ability to provide a meaningful education for them. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for further details.


Level Placement Chart

As a British style school our year groups are determined in accordance with the National Curriculum of England and Wales.  In order to determine for which age group your child is eligible, please see below:


Age in Years as of 31st August

UK Stage

SMIS Year Group

US Grade

3 years old

Early Years Foundation Stage



4 years old

Early Years Foundation Stage


Kindergarten A

5 years old

Key Stage 1 or Milepost 1

Year 1

Kindergarten B

6 years old

Key Stage 1 or Milepost 1

Year 2

Grade 1

7 years old

Key Stage 2 or Milepost 2

Year 3

Grade 2

8 years old

Key Stage 2 or Milepost 2

Year 4

Grade 3

9 years old

Key Stage 2 or Milepost 3

Year 5

Grade 4

10 years old

Key Stage 2 or Milepost 3

Year 6

Grade 5


Birthday Chart for Academic Year 2018-19 (Starting in August 2018)

SMIS Class

Age in Years as of

31st August 2016

Date of Birth



1 September 2015-31 August 2016



1 September 2014 -31 August 2015

Year 1


1 September 2013 -31 August 2014

Year 2


1 September 2012 -31 August 2013

Year 3


1 September 2011 -31 August 2012

Year 4


1 September 2010 -31 August 2011

Year 5


1 September 2009 -31 August 20010

Year 6


1 September 2008 -31 August 2009


Academic Year and Terms

St. Michael’s International School Academic Year begins in August and ends in June.  Please refer to this year’s School Calendar for details.

The School runs on 3 terms:

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

August – December

January – March

April – June



The school must operate within acceptable educational limits and we aim to provide a positive outcome for all pupils and parents. We reserve the right to refuse entry to St. Michael’s International School on the following grounds:

  • If the year group appropriate to the applicant is already full.
  • If in our professional judgement, the applicant is not suited to the programme which the school offers.
  • If in our professional judgement, the applicant needs a level of resources and individual support which would impact disproportionately on other pupils in the school.


Application Process

Early registration is encouraged to secure a place.   Applications for the following academic year are welcome from January onwards. 

When places exist, applications for mid-year entry can be made at any time.  Places mid-year are limited however and parents are encouraged to apply at least one month in advance of the desired enrollment date.

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