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Application Procedure

The following forms are available for download:

Early registration is encouraged to secure a place.  Applications for the following academic year are welcome from January onwards. 
When places exist, applications for mid-year entry can be made at any time.  Places mid-year are limited however and parents are encouraged to apply at least one month in advance of the desired enrollment date.  Please note that families applying from Japan and overseas have slightly different procedures.
All decisions made by the School in regard to eligibility, entry and admissions are confidential and final.
Application Procedure for Families Residing in Japan
Step 1: Submission of Documents and Payment of Application Fee:
  1. Completed Application Form. The form can either be collected from the School or downloaded from the School website Incomplete Application Forms will be returned.
  2. A copy of the child’s passport or birth certificate.  Dual passport holders must submit both copies.
  3. A copy of two recent school reports and test results (if applicable).
  4. The Application Fee must be paid at the time of application, either by cash or by bank transfer.  This fee is non-refundable. Applications will not be considered complete until School confirms the fee payment. (Please refer to the Payment Policy for bank details.)
The application documents may be submitted directly at the School Office or posted in an envelope marked “ADMISSIONS”. An open disclosure of learning, medical or behavioural problems or disabilities must be made at Step 1.  If your child has been diagnosed with having learning, medical or behavioural problems or disabilities, documents must be submitted with the application form.  Should it subsequently come to light that any relevant information has been knowingly withheld, the school holds the right to review the child’s place at St. Michael’s International School.
Step 2: Confidential Recommendation from Current School:
  • St. Michael’s International School will directly contact your child’s most recent school to obtain a Confidential Recommendation Form and carry out a background check.  To avoid any unnecessary delay, please check that you have provided accurate details of your current or last school.
  • When all of the relevant documents including the Confidential Recommendation Form have been received, our Admissions Officer, Ms. Kimura, will contact you to confirm your registration with us and to let you know the status of your application.
  • If the report from your previous or current school is satisfactory, and places are available you will be invited to an interview (Step 3).  If there are no available places you will be placed on our Waiting List.  Ms. Kimura will explain this to you in more detail.
Step 3: Interview and Assessment
  • You and your child will be invited to visit St. Michael’s for an interview and initial assessment.  This will give us further information about your child and how well they will fit into our school.
  • A ‘Trial Day’ may be organised in order to make clearer the child’s suitability for entering St. Michael’s International School, as part of the admissions process.
  • If required by the Head of School, an additional interview may be organised with a Learning Enrichment Programme Coordinator, as part of the admissions process.
Step 4: Notification of Application
  • You will usually hear from us within two weeks with the outcome of your application by post.  If your child has been accepted at St. Michael’s International School, you will receive a letter of acceptance, an “Acceptance of Place Form” and school fees invoice.  Please see Payment Policy for further details on page 9-11 for payment details.
  • You will be required to submit the “Acceptance of Place Form” and make the payment as indicated in the letter and invoice to secure your child’s place at St. Michael’s International School.  
Application Procedure for Families Applying from Overseas
Step 1 and Step 2 (Same as above)
Families applying from overseas please follow Step 1 described in the above section.  You may send your application documents via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please note that overseas transfer fee must be covered by the family which is normally about 4,000 yen. 
Step 3: Overseas Provisional Acceptance
  • Upon a formal review of the above documents, including the Confidential Recommendation (Step 2), an Overseas Provisional Acceptance will be issued.  An invoice for the Registration Fee and an “Acceptance of Provisional Place Form” will also be attached to this letter.
  • Families wishing to secure a place must return the “Acceptance of Provisional Place Form” to the School and pay the Registration Fee prior to the interview and assessment (Step 4).  This will secure your child’s place at St. Michael’s International School.  The Registration Fee is normally non-refundable.
Step 4: Assessment & Interview
  • The interview and assessment will be conducted upon your family’s arrival in Kobe to formalise the Acceptance.   
  • The child may join the class at an agreed date with the Head of School.  You will be invoiced for all outstanding School Fees following a successful interview and assessment.  
  • If upon conducting the Assessment and Interview your child is not accepted, the Registration Fee will be returned.  However, please note that if it subsequently comes to light that the family had knowingly withheld any learning, medical or behavioural problems or disabilities at Step 1, this refund will not take place.
  • Please review the Payment Policy on page 9-11 for other payment details.
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