Bringing the magic of books alive!

Our annual Book Week celebrates books and storytelling and their importance for a child’s development. Book Week is a brilliant opportunity to improve comprehension skills and foster language fluency.  It also helps to enhance cognitive abilities such as memory retention, critical thinking and problem solving. Sharing thoughts and emotions related to stories encourages empathy, emotional […]

Autumn Term Attendance Awards

Despite all the autumn coughs and colds we have lots of St. Michael’s learners who were able to attend school every day and equally as importantly, they were all on time each day and ready for their day’s learning. Congratulations everyone – great endeavour!

Merit Winners

It’s the end of spring term week one and we are celebrating this week’s merit winners. All of these young learners have impressed their teachers this week by demonstrating some of our school values or personal skills. At St. Michael’s, learners are encouraged to show endeavour, compassion, respect, responsibility, tolerance, honesty and integrity. In addition […]

Happy New Year!

Delighted to welcome all of our young learners back to school after the winter break. It’s lovely to see the playground filling up with families as the Year of the Dragon gets underway.