Earthquake Assembly
Earthquake Memorial Assembly

We enjoyed a great turnout of family, friends, teachers and learners from Year One to Year Six for our Earthquake Memorial Assembly today. Led with confidence and respect by Year Four our young learners demonstrated maturity and compassion as they talked knowledgeably about the devastating events of the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake which occurred on […]


Good news today for all of the British members of our St. Michael’s community. British citizens living overseas will now be able to register for a vote in the UK’s general elections following a change to the election rules. Previously, Brits living overseas for more than 15 years lost their right to vote in elections […]


Today marks the 29th anniversary of the Great Hanshin Awaji earthquake. Kobe residents gather each year to remember all those who were affected by the devastating events of 17 January 1995. This year’s memorial event was all the more poignant because of the Noto earthquake which occurred at New Year. Our thoughts and prayers are […]

Autumn Term Attendance Awards

Despite all the autumn coughs and colds we have lots of St. Michael’s learners who were able to attend school every day and equally as importantly, they were all on time each day and ready for their day’s learning. Congratulations everyone – great endeavour!

Merit Winners

It’s the end of spring term week one and we are celebrating this week’s merit winners. All of these young learners have impressed their teachers this week by demonstrating some of our school values or personal skills. At St. Michael’s, learners are encouraged to show endeavour, compassion, respect, responsibility, tolerance, honesty and integrity. In addition […]

Year 6 Exit Point

Fabulous end to the first week back as Year 6 test their family’s knowledge and understanding of forces, friction and fulcrums during today’s fun exit point as their IPC Fairgrounds unit reaches it’s finale.

Happy New Year!

Delighted to welcome all of our young learners back to school after the winter break. It’s lovely to see the playground filling up with families as the Year of the Dragon gets underway.