Hu Family

St. Michael’s International School is a very happy and supportive community as well as a close and loving family. All of the teachers helped our child to grow and thrive throughout her primary education at St. Michael’s. We are forever grateful for the wonderful staff and community; our child’s time here will always be remembered […]

Haider Family

We love this opportunity to share our thoughts about St. Michael International School (SMIS) with you. Our son attended the school from Reception to his graduation at the end of  Year 6. Immediately after moving to Japan in 2014, he got admitted into the school. Everything was so new to him and as parents we […]

Mr & Mrs Weerasekera

We consider St. Michael’s a great choice for our son. He joined from Year 1 and continued on to graduate in Year 6.  St. Michael’s warm, nurturing and stimulating environment created a positive impact on him from an early stage – he loved school and brought home happy stories of his learning journey. In addition, the […]

Tamara Sherrell Murayama

St. Michael’s was a great choice for our family. Our older son started in Year 1, and our younger son started in the Nursery program, at age 3, and both boys continued on to graduate at the end of Year 6. At St. Michael’s they got a solid foundation that continues to support their learning […]

Pinsard Family

We can not recommend St.Michael’s International School highly enough. Both our children cherish the six years spent at the school, which has perfectly prepared them for a fast changing world, through the quality of the curriculum, opportunity to constantly interact with different cultures and understanding of behaving along shared values. Pinsard Family

Shah Family

For many years I’ve felt like a part of the St. Michael’s family, I felt very touched by the school. Both my daughters have grown up to be the person they are today, from the incredible life teachings provided by the school. St. Michael’s is a very collaborative school and has a healthy background. As […]

Wang Family

Both my son and daughter attended St. Michael’s between 2002 to 2018, so we have been with the school for a very long time! Both of them loved going to school everyday and loved the school. They were nurtured in becoming independent thinkers. As parents, we felt we were also part of a big family […]

Go Hamano

A great, educational, encouraging, confidence-making and enjoyable school. I can see both of my children growing up positively in your school. I always look forward to hearing the children’s stories about their day at school.

Chikako Zen

My children made many good friendships and learned a lot from the people around them. The teachers endeavour to bring out the best in all students. The fact that my daughter wants to become a primary school teacher plainly tells you the excellence of this school.

Anagha Atwe

St. Michael’s is the best school for your child to develop a base knowledge of ethos, laws, respect, discipline and a general feel for the society around us. It’s a school where difference is accepted and encouraged, all ideas are welcome. Students are taught to become good people in this school, always retain good standards […]